Landlord Information


A hard copy written out from a video of the property plus a photo inventory portfolio  - photographs taken of each room. Each tenant/s & Landlord will need to sign, print and date each photo at the inventory appointment we arrange with the tenant prior to their tenancy agreement. Both Tenant & Landlord will have copies of both inventories. Including any receipts of cleaning carpet, oven and general home clean prior to the tenant moving in. These will have to be supplied by the landlord or if instructed to carry out the work on behalf of the landlord, Longshoot Properties will supply the receipts and attach copies to each inventory for both parties.  - £90.00 Incl VAT

Having photographic evidence that has been signed and dated before the tenant moves in could help you avoid a dispute in the future.

Maintenance / Refurbishment

At Longshoot Properties we pride ourselves in our low cost maintenance service to landlords. That’s why we only use our staff to maintain our properties. This guarantees the quality at the lowest cost and ultimately maintains your return on investment with no hassle.

We can deal with either partial or total refurbishment of properties, if you wish us to undertake this work, we will be happy to discuss this with you.