Nil Deposit

Properties Offering Nil Deposit

Give Tenants a Flexible Deposit Option Today with Nil Deposit.

Attract tenants with Nil Deposit

Make your property more attractive by allowing your tenant to rent deposit free. The Nil Deposit Guarantee costs your tenants just one week's rent. You get the same protection as a six week deposit. Your tenants remain fully accountable for looking after your property and paying the rent. 

Let Faster

Reduce Admin - With Nil Deposit there is no deposit to register

Protect Your Investment - You are covered for any financial loss or damage up to the value of six weeks rent.

Fair for Everyone - Any disputes are still decided by an adjudicator, giving you the same fair outcome as with a traditional deposit. 

How it Works

Offering Nil Deposit to your tenants us easy!

Landlord - Upload your property advert on Longshoot Properties site and request more information about Nil Deposits when prompted. Your property advert can also show that you will accept Nil Deposit for your rental property. 

Landlord - Instruct Longshoot Properties - Once you have found the perfect tenant, instruct Longshoot Properties to conduct the tenant referencing, complete your AST and collect the tenant's deposit. Please note that Nil Deposit is not available should you not take this action.

Longshoot Properties - Offers Nil Deposit to Tenant

We will offer the Nil Deposit option to your prospective tenants.

Tenant - Option to accept Nil Deposit

If the tenant accepts the Nil Deposit, they pay for the Nil Deposit Guarantee. If not, then we will carry on our tenant sign-up service to collect and protect their deposit as normal.